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ShiningPanda plugin 0.15 is out!

We released today a new version of the ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins. For those who don't know this plugin yet, it is probably the easiest way to setup your Python projects with Jenkins. But let's have a look at the new features:

Python installations


Python installations now accept a path to a Python binary in the Home or executable fields. This is useful for multiple system installations in /usr on Unix.

Custom working directory


ShiningPanda creates files in JENKINS_HOME/shiningpanda, notably virtualenvs for various builders. This option let you change this working directory. You can for instance use /tmp/shiningpanda to speed up things if your server uses tmpfs to mount /tmp.

This options is both available in the Configure System page and the nodes page (for a node by node configuration).


The plugin now bundles the lastest version (1.8.2) of the virtual Python environment builder. As a consequence, the minimum supported Python version for the Virtualenv Builder, Tox Builder and Buildout Builder is now Python 2.5.