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Check Python3 Requirements

Back when Django 1.5 was released with experimental Python 3 support I was all excited: at long last I could seriously think of moving on to the latest and greatest python released so far (Python 3.3). Sadly I haven't been able to convert all my projects yet, due to dependencies not being compatible yet.

I noticed that python 3 adoption has been steadily accelerating for django related packages over the past few weeks. The release of Django 1.6, bringing official (non-experimental) support for Python 3, is probably not stranger to this trend. So to keep track of which of my projects are ready I added little badges to requires.io:


Requires.io is free for all public projects hosted on either BitBucket or GitHub. Beware though, it's all still quite alpha/beta-esque, and sadly still running on Python 2.7...