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Keep track of your requirements with requires.io

Requires.io helps you keep track of the requirements of your Python projects. To do so it simply fetches the dependencies from the req*.txt and setup.py files in the root folder of your project, and compare them against the latest releases available on PyPI.

To get started just log in with either BitBucket or GitHub. The service is of course free for all public repositories. You can even add a badge to your README.md file.


Dependencies can be marked at three levels:

  • up-to-date,
  • outdated,
  • insecure.

A handful of projects already using requires.io:

Requires.io is a very new service, still in a beta (or shall we say alpha?) phase. The notification part is still being worked on: broadcasting zillion of emails doesn't sound very appealing to us, so we are working on something a little bit different!