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ShiningPanda Services

ShiningPanda is working hard to provide the best Continuous Integration Service for Python. Since we launched last July, we got to help lots of ShiningPanda users, and we added numerous key features to our offer: support of Python interpreters (PyPy, Jython & Stackless Python), support of Tox, Selenium and many other things.

We still have lots of improvements coming soon (for instance support of Iron Python). A completely new product for all Python users to enjoy is also coming in 2012.

But as we are facing everyday Continuous Integration challenges with our users, and the wide array of problems they are trying to solve, we realized that there is a need for much more than what ShiningPanda is currently offering.

This is why we are expanding today: ShiningPanda Services proposes numerous services tailored to your needs, regarding Continuous Integration, Build Processes and Software Quality in general, but also more specific topics like Jenkins CI, Python and Django.

Discover all that we can do for you!