• Svg BadgesWed 24 September 2014

  • requires.io | Wed 24 September 2014 Alexis Tabary
  • Requires.io introduces new beautiful badges, generated thanks to Shields.io:




    To switch to the new svg badges just replace .svg by .png in your badge urls.

    PS: We are looking for testers to tryout our new Heroku ...

  • rq.filterWed 21 May 2014

  • requires.io | Wed 21 May 2014 Alexis Tabary
  • Requires.io helps you keep track of the requirements of your Python projects. Alas sometimes you actually want use an older version of a package, or an LTS release.

    Today we are introducing a directive for requirements.txt files: rq.filter. It's very simple to use and to understand ...